Wine Dinner Wednesday: My Teenage Daughters

Feb 2019

Second wine dinner for the year! We have another five course wine dinner: with three red wines, one white wine and a sparkling wine to start it all off. (Still not sure why the boss titled this dinner like this, maybe these wines are close to his heart? Edit: he named it cause of the age of the wine.)

Without further ado, here is the upcoming menu, food and wine:

  • Saint Germain / Sparkling Wine / Lemon slice
    • Shrimp and cheese in spring roll skin
  • 2005 Pierre Sparr “One” White / Alsace, France
    • Roasted boneless chicken thigh
  • 2004 Groth Cabernet Sauvignon / Oakville, CA
    • Spicy slow cooked chicken drumstick over crispy egg noodle
  • 2003 Girard Artistry Red American Bordeaux / Napa Valley
    • Oven roasted pork butt
  • 2002 St. Clement “Oroppas” Cabernet Sauvignon American Bordeax / St. Helena, Napa
    • Organic ground beef gravy over big flat noodle, topped with onsen egg.

Please call for reservation, limited seating available.

$65 per person. Half payment required for reservation. Starts at 7pm, Wednesday, February 27